Drive Renew Has Over 100,000 Hard Drives Repaired And Counting

That makes us one of the most trusted IT Asset Disposition companies in the world.

State of the Art Storage Repair Facilities

With over 30 years of hard drive repair experience, Drive Renew offers the most cutting edge storage recycling warehouse. We have proprietary tools developed to repair your media when other companies would tell you your hard drive is trash.

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What we do

We provide efficient segregation and repair processes to companies that work with large scale hard drive re-certification. Our process and technology will effectively identify hard drives that will fail or possibly damage the primary testing or re-certification line and determine the cause of failure. Drives that pass our pretesting can then move safely to the primary line for final testing. Drives that fail can then be segregated and categorized by failure type.
After product failures have been screened and segregated samples can be sent to our secure premises to be evaluated. Our evaluation process will allow us to determine if product failures can be addressed in bulk at our facilities or if an on-client premise repair is possible.
We also work directly with set-top box manufacturers and data centers directly to pair their needs with our partners.

What Are We Experts In?

  • Hard drive repair:
    Our background stems from 16 years of hard drive repair. Additionally, fundamental operations in our background includes developing low-level software to access drives directly using direct ATA commands and vendor specific commands via terminal.

  • Providing and developing custom hardware and software to quickly and accurately segregate hard drives prior to primary line testing.

  • Providing automated functions during pretesting to quickly and effectively prepare hard drives for primary line testing.

  • Hard drive wiping, testing and recertification processes.

  • Storage asset reallocation:
    We have extensive knowledge in maximizing the return on storage based inventory. We will help you sell more of your inventory by reducing scrap inventory.

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